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The MTB Game Demo is the first playable prototype of the developing mountain bike simulator. It presents you MTB School which consists of nine lessons. Each of them can be passed on satisfactory, good or excellent mark. The key feature of this simulator is maximally true physics including suspension working, balance maintain, interaction with the trail and aerodynamic.

Longer video of riding:

Video about suspension in the game: 

Video about balancing system in the game:

To enjoy playing MTB Game Demo your computer should meet following requirement:

1. Operating system – Windows XP or newer

2. Processor – Intel i5 or better

3. GPU – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or better

4. RAM – 2 GB or more

5. Joystick or joypad (in simulator mode)

If you have no joystick - you can play in arcade mode with keyboard and mouse, but  joystick is what you must have to enjoy playing in simulator mode. All controls could be assigned to keyboard and mouse with pressed right button will control turn and move forward/backward channel.

 To change graphical settings you can edit “graphic_settings.txt” file from the game folder (all parameters are well described there). You also can change controls sensitivity by editing file "controls_settings.txt".

 It is the first release, so errors and launch problems are expectable. You can help me to solve them be providing a problem description with "shaders_log.bin" file (will appear in the application folder) to the following address:   MTBGameDemo2019@gmail.com

Game website: https://www.mtbsimulator.com

Video instruction about game installation, parameters setting and gameplay:


20.03.19 исправлены ошибки с компиляцией шейдера земли на картах Radeon 

23.03.19 исправлены ошибки с черным небом на Radeon и добавлено автоматическое отключение педалей при поворотах, торможениях, полетах и сильном вставании

05.04.19 добавлен режим с аркадной физикой


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MTB Game Demo ENG
MTB Game Demo RUS
MTB Game Demo executable file with loading log

Development log


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game starts but no missions start and no free play starts :(

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Hello, thank you for testing. As mentioned in description MTB School with nine lessons - is all that demo version presents. So Missions and Free Play will be actual only if full version will be released. Are there any problems  to run lessons in MTB School?

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 I really want to like this (and likely back it on indigogo) but the controls seem a bit mangled - the turning has an effect on it, like resistance after you turn that makes it like riding one of those bikes that they reverse the direction when you steer... I'd love to play an MTB sim but this one  I just can't even get going on...

best wishes,


Hi, thanks for your interest, Chris! The bike is not a car, it is not statically stable and can’t be controlled straightforward. If the left/right turn control will be connected directly with the front wheel it will be impossible to ride even 10 meters (video about mountain bike balancing system revels this aspect). So some sophisticated methods are needed to connect players desires with real actions that required to implement a turn. The balancing system in the demo version is just a beginning of the long journey to the perfect control.

Unfortunately, inidiegogo campaign was not visible and failed. It means that this project will remain my spare time project and nothing more. Wile I have interest and free time I will continue developing and especially improving control, but it will take a lot of time to reach the final. 

P.S. the control in the arcade mode is quite simple, but it does not correspond real bike control.

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Thanks for getting back to me Aleksandr, and a real shame about the crowdfunding - as you say on the pitch, there's really nothing in this space... I'll keep trying with the demo, as a mountain biker myself it's realism that I'm looking for but the push back on the controls did seem excessive, maybe it's my setup... I've recently been getting into a motorbike sim that gets the realism balance really nicely called gp-bikes - really good and the free demo gives you a good idea of how it performs if you want to give it a go... The developer of that also does a Motorcross one that incorporates the sort of bike balance that you're attempting. As I say, I'll give yours more time, let me know if you want any feedback on progress - I'm an animator who uses 3d a lot so was really interested in the track editing you were proposing...

Best wishes


ps I just tried the arcade mode and it's much better, I guess I'm not ready for your hardcore take on the full realism :)

one thing that I noticed that would be really useful is a chase cam, the near 3rd person one doesn't rotate with the bike and without real physical feelings to inform of your rider's orientation and bike / rider position it is pretty difficult to get the trails ridden well. Starting to get the feel of it however, cheers!

Yesterday I have tested both gp and mx. Really cool games with nice simulation level. But they do not use true balancing system. In fact arcade mode of the MTB Game use the same balancing strategy as mx. The lean is controlled by some external "magic" helper forces and handlebar angle is adjusted to the proper bike lean. It works good, but the difference with true balancing strategy is evident especially at low speeds, deep tilts, light weights and high gravity center. I strongly hope that it is possible to combine true balancing strategy and good playability without any external 'magic' forces. At least I want to try to do so. If I fail to do so, I will evolve the strategy used in arcade mode of the game and mx/gp simulators.

About cameras: in fact I always use chest or helmet camera to play (in all simulators, not only my), so I have no experience with external cameras. It means that feedback from someone who prefer 3rd person view cameras and have experience with them is very important. MTB Game has two 3rd person view cameras: one follows the rider rotation and pitch and one does not. Could you describe in detail how exactly 3rd person view camera should behave to be convenient for you (follow or not: yaw, tilt and pitch, follow hard or smooth, how hard the distance to the bike should be kept, how stable should be camera relative to the bike fluctuations and so on...)? Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Kamaev A.N.